These are classic aspects of civilization found the world over. But they are more. For on closer inspection, they are also found to be recurring forms through which people actually live out their lives. In other words, they are nothing less than fundamental modes of human becoming.

This blog is devoted to looking into them all — swinging open the gateway into the world that each one represents — in order to better see the overall undertaking and ongoing pursuit it embraces, which entails a distinct way of experiencing things in general, and of therefore also living out one’s life in the world.

A toast to your own particular endeavors and the many encounters yet to come your way . . .

— Gene Ruyle

Author, actor, playwright/composer, psychologist, philosopher, and Episcopal priest. Born in Nebraska on the Great Plains, where the American West begins. Enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school, with college and seminary following immediately thereafter. Active in all professional fields listed. The core emphasis is on the primary modes of human becoming, the life-defining meaning each individual enacts and embodies -- and the ways in which both soul and spirit manifest themselves as one's life unfolds up to a person's very last breath.

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